Adversoria; Our lives as solo performances

I find the human disposition compelling. How do people look when they are sad or anxious? What does a photograph of a person sitting on a park bench tell the viewer of the photograph about them? More importantly, what do my conclusions about these strangers tell me about myself? I want to critique and understand myself through them. I find that I’m drawn to people as they sojourn through spaces that are most familiar to them, especially public spaces. What can I interpret from what I can see? I also find myself attracted to people at rest. All rest is but transient. I inquire and find myself often in solidarity with all the moods.

My work examines the human disposition as exhibited in different states and across time. Most recurrent in my work is the quiet, contemplative, subtle yet bare, encapsulating, and telling disposition of people as they journey across life, enjoy a beach day, or fight for freedom or against oppression. I have explored loneliness, age, migration, and strife in my work.

I travelled through Finland, Estonia, and Spain in 2021 and took photographs, many of which became part of a body of work I titled Adeversoria: Our Lives As Solo Performances. I regard people as actors and watch them through the lens as they, we, put up a performance for ourselves and for, perhaps, an audience as it must be in a theatre. In everyone’s story, they’re the performer, each body is a stage, and the audience is unknown to the performer, yet present. What stories can a body tell us in a split second?