Strangers Within

Strangers Within is an attempt to engage in conversations with strangers in my country. Strangers denoting people with whom I don’t share the same state, region, ethnicity, cultural identity, or local language and dialect. We’re a diverse people, often with a shallow, surface-level understanding of each other’s cultures and identities.

I embarked on a road trip across several other states in the country; a small bid to dispel my own preconceived notions of others. Communication can be difficult, but it’s often enough to smile and hoist up my camera, a request for permission to engage. It may be met with a smile, a suspicion, a wave, or a shaking of the head. Other times, a conversation ensures, often in the street Lingo – Broken English.

Oyo – Kwara – Kano – Jos – Taraba – Kaduna